Premove Surveys and Claim Inspections
in Germany and Europe

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Do you need an estimate volume preparing an offer?
Or do you need an inspection of a claim?

Our company is specialized on doing premove surveys and claims inspections.
(For a list of recent premove surveys have look at the right column)

We can offer you the following benefits:

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Current News:

Offering claim inspections too:

After one year of doing claim inspections for our partners we now offer it to a wider range of clients via this webpage too. Ask us for our rates or give us an offer using our forms!


Business going well:

We are glad to announce that our main business of organizing surveys is going well. If you need any surveys in Germany or Europe don't hesitate to contact us!

Further News:

New for our friends from all over the world:

Our major business was and is

But following a lot of wishes and inquiries
(mostly after HHGFA-convention) we can do also:

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Claim Inspection Report

Recent Premove Surveys
and Claim inspections:

Moorsburg (31.07.2015)
Baar (30.07.2015)
Bad Homburg (29.07.2015)
Neu - Anspach (29.07.2015)
Frankfurt (28.07.2015)
Dillingen (27.07.2015)
Friedrichsdorf (26.07.2015)
Friedrichsdorf (25.07.2015)
Darmstadt (25.07.2015)
Bremerhaven (24.07.2015)
Bannberscheid (22.07.2015)
Montabauer (22.07.2015)
Bad Homburg (21.07.2015)
Frankfurt (21.07.2015)
Nidderau (21.07.2015)
Frankfurt (20.07.2015)

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